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Hyperkarma was originally released free online on 9.9.99. Some rare signed copies of the album were even enscribed HK9999 to highlight the release date. However, when the website went offline, the MP3s disappeared... despite the liner notes for Hyperkarma saying:

"Disseminate the Hyperkarma, after listening, tape this cd and give it to a friend."

On 10.10.10, just over eleven years later, it's time to revisit the Hyperkarma, the penultimate black:not:green album. Enjoy.

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huge thrust of the crotch and a stiff middle finger to absolutely anyone who pisses you off. When the world comes down around you give it the dissatisfaction in letting it know you are fine, "I'm rolling". Albino lay down the phat drum'n'bass groove and monumental bassline in about 25 minutes. Guitars were added in the style of Nirvana, vocals in the style of Beck. Remains a strong band favourite and a corking live tune. Featured as Feb 2000 Guitarist's demo of the month, "Better off without you anyway"

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first a punk song then a stab at ambience and finally ended up a fully accessible dance rock crossover track with yearning lyrics about communicating with lost ones who leave far too early. The title 'Sub3' refers to the length of the first draft punk song (ie under 3 minutes). This is the one highly admired by all sorts of punters; the safest track to play to your mother. Shows Rog's voice off quite nicely too. "Where is my pulse?"

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immediately contagious. Hear this once and you'll be singing the refrain all week. Often viewed as the sister track to Supercharged - written in the same week and under the same time restriction circumstances imposed by Albino and Tim. Thanks goes out to Soul Coughing for the groove. Hard and heavy "chug-a, chug-a" riffing in the verse leads to a more open series of twangs and strains in the chorus, making sense of a Pete Waterman-esque vocal. Sounds an innocent song but has a rather vicious, dark lyric. Disco is about the consistent dirge of pop-shite which gets manufactured, marketed and thrust down out throats...some people never survive the brainwash and end up dull and void. Always used to be the band's opener. October Guitarist's demo of the month. Very keen. "Love to be here...long to be queer"

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Pump It Up

car crash collision of blistering guitars smashing into drum'n'bass breakbeats. Scorching cover of the Elvis Costello classic. From the cassette demo that paved the way for the Hyperkarma session. Some of the dirtiest guitars on record. "I've been on tenterhooks giving you dirty looks"

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Broken Window Theory


the sort of contrived song title that Kenickie, Dodgy, Menswear etc. would come up with. Always a favourite track from this album, it sees the band in a funkier mellow mood. Written about the guaranteed downfall of a social climbing twat, who would only do/say anything once confirmed it is "cool" to do so. "Can I breath now?"

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huge riff, huge beats and a superbly fitting "Are you happy now?" vocal in the spaces. This one got us close to a premature record deal...thank fuck nothing happened. A big live favourite. An allegory to Kurt. Pure sex. "Live like a crash"

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first song to be started last one to be finished in the Broken Window Theory writing sessions. An incessantly hooky acid bass line provides the basis to this sick 'n' twisted funk/acid rock crossover. References to Jeffrey Dahmer and a middle 8 to die for make this compulsive listening. A top 10 hit if ever there was one. Featured as April 1998's demo of the month in The Mix. Pity it doesn't work live. "C'mere little boy...BOOSH!"

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Black Not Green

Is Anybody Out There

a cool industrial groove in 6/4 time, "No one else is beautiful...no one else is insecure" Featured as November 1996 Total Guitarist demo of the month. Great programming, great riff...never to be heard live again.

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270 Days

smooooth vocal, arabic drum loop, jazz guitar. The first song Albino wrote under the banner of black:not:green (in fact the band name was still to be decided upon at this stage). This song has been arranged, rearranged and re-re-arranged and still appears in the band's live show, "Without your sight I'm blind without your words I'm deaf"

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the exciting breakthrough. Breakbeat meets King's X style guitars with psychedelic whispered vocals and a pure Egyptian flavour throughout. In the middle section the band are heard pissing about over the programming leaving Roger in an audible coughing fit. The playout reverts to riffola....HAVE A BIT OF THAT. Still sends tingles down the spine, "It's not a drug he sells, it's not a pill...just some simple head control, you'll get sucked in."

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