sam (drummer) | rog (vocals) | albino (vocals/programming) | tim (guitar)

Welcome to black:not:green...a Cambridge, UK 4 piece combo with enough gall 'n' balls to excite, intrigue and get you fizzing at the bung-hole over. Musical style? Try "industrial tinged drum'n'bass"; or "dance fuelled techno-rock"; or "big beats, big guitars with vocal hooks to hang your hat on". Whichever way this is new, fresh and genuinely different. Believe us.

Formed at the start of 1996, black:not:green's objectives were to screw with people's minds, 'show the bird' to the notion of pigeonholing music and to give likeminded punters a legit excuse in telling the 'middle of the road' to fuck off.

4 years, 3 albums, many sweat packed thumping gigs and 50,000 site-hits later we are proud to give you, ...and we haven't even started yet.

If you can see yourselves in the following we'd love to know who you are, if you can't then maybe or are more appropriate sites;


  • twats
  • pop shite
  • Saturday night ITV
  • Boredom
  • People who lack a passion
  • Older, inexperienced punters who "know better"
  • Lugging gear about
  • Fickle A&R
  • Gingster's breakfast bars
  • Railway staff
  • "Beautiful" social climbers


  • Optimism
  • NIN
  • Chemical Brothers
  • Asian Dub Foundation
  • Nirvana
  • Sex Pistols
  • The Prodigy
  • Soundgarden
  • Aphex Twin
  • Stage divers and light sabres
  • Volume
  • New studio toys
  • Free porn
  • Battenburg and fruit teas
  • William Gibson
  • Hitchcock
  • Kevin Spacey

Whilst you're here take time to download tracks from our latest album >HYPERKARMA, or drop us a line with your'd be good to know you're out there.


"the laughing, smiling, silent wonder". Punctual, inexpressive, unemotional, ruthlessly deadly. Musical theorist, craftsman, towering, blurred but funky...a rhythmical legend.

Will say - "I've learnt a great new pattern in 16/7"

Won't say - "Can I play something simpler?"

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"I'm not prepared to describe myself to anyone..." The hardnosed salesman with boyish charm and looks. Good value, vocal maestro, Be-Bop band driver, the moody starer/smacked schoolkid with a healthy taste for downunder.

Will say - "That was out of time wasn't it?"

Won't say - "I don't mind driving all of the gear to London. Shall I make two trips for the drumkit?"

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"the shaven founder"; hyper-speed thinker, creative muso with an appetite for criticism. Mr. Visual, in-your-face, in-your-mind, the tortured comedian. pHd, neuro-scientist, triple first, blackbelt in Hung Dong.The Diplomat. Favourite fruit tea - Peach Melba.

Will say - "I've erased everything we've done so far, cos it's all sounding fucking shit...basically"

Won't say - "Anyone fancy a pint? I'm up for getting totally shit-arsed"

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"the fellow founder", the crashing riff-meister, the calm collaborator, 'Dave Flash the rock DJ', the Soho adman, "pissed off, pissed on". Avid collector of Cherie. IPA award winner. Favourite fruit tea - blueberry.

Will say - "Always keen..."

Won't say - "Anyone got the new Embrace album? I'd really like a copy"

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