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10.10.10 Disseminate the >HYPERKARMA.

The cover of >HYPERKARMA.

Hyperkarma was originally released free online on 9.9.99 (9th September 1999). Some rare signed copies of the album were even inscribed HK9999 to highlight the release date. However, when the website went temporarily offline in 2003, the MP3s disappeared... despite the liner notes for Hyperkarma saying:

"Disseminate the Hyperkarma, after listening, tape this cd and give it to a friend."

On 10.10.10, just over eleven years later, it's time to revisit the Hyperkarma, the final black:not:green album. Enjoy.

[zipped MP3s] (108MB, 320kbps)
[zipped FLAC] (321MB, Lossless)
[zipped Apple Lossless] (325MB, Lossless, for Apple devices only)

Waited for you to come back when you'd gone

It's only words. The words are back and now there's sound. Salvaged what we could, reworked, reframed, revalidated. Re-encoded & uploaded. The MP3s are back, and maybe there's a rarity or two still to come. The broken links are patched, find one and tell us. The mailing list is still gone so don't even try. You're still ex-communicated. And now the real work begins.

i'm waiting, i'm waiting, where is my pulse?

Nearly lost, now reclaimed from the void. black:not:green is back and online once more. Without the Wayback Machine where would we be? In /dev/null, the digital bit bucket. The reconstruction is in progress, so don't be surprised if you find a broken link or 20 thousand. Don't even think of clicking anything. If you've got a backup or something you can contribute, let us know you're out there.

live photo


The complete black:not:green lyrics are now up for your amusement and critical analysis. (No more lies, they're actually online this time.) The first two albums have joined >HYPERKARMA. Bit hard to transcribe Helpless, Psychobabble, And Life Goes On, so we didn't - not fully anyway (hear them and you'll understand). What does Jeffrey Dahmer say? What is the creepiness of Eastern all about? Which of the songs condemns being brainwashed in school? The answers lie within. Enjoy.

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